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Breast Implant Removal:
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As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I’ve had the honor of serving thousands of patients. Breast implant removal is a procedure that many women elect to undergo for various reasons, each unique to their individual journeys. I understand the anxiety and uncertainty that often accompany this decision. That’s why I am committed to walking with you through each step of the process, providing a comforting, safe space that prioritizes your needs and health.

Breast implant removal can be a liberating choice, offering a newfound sense of control, wellbeing, and self-confidence. It’s about more than just the physical transformation; it’s a deeply personal journey toward reclaiming your authentic self. Every woman deserves the freedom to choose what feels best for her body, and I am here to support you with knowledge, expertise, and compassion. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Why Get Your Breast Implants Removed?

There are a variety of reasons why you might be considering breast implant removal. It’s a decision that is highly personal and dependent on your unique circumstances and aspirations. As we delve into this topic, I want you to remember that every woman’s body, experiences, and choices are different. 

What’s most important is that your decision feels right for you. In this section, we’ll explore some of the common reasons women choose to have their breast implants removed. As you read, remember that I am here to help you navigate your journey, providing expert guidance and compassionate care every step of the way.

Let’s delve into the variety of factors that might prompt the decision for breast implant removal:

Health Concerns

One of the most common reasons for considering breast implant removal is due to health concerns. Some patients may experience physical discomfort or complications, such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, or Breast Implant Illness (BII). These issues can cause a range of symptoms from pain to fatigue, and removal can often alleviate these symptoms.

Cosmetic Preferences

Over time, personal aesthetic preferences can change. Some women may decide that they prefer their natural shape and size over the enhanced look provided by implants. Others may wish to address changes in the appearance of their implants due to aging or weight fluctuations.

Lifestyle Changes

Significant changes in lifestyle can also influence the decision to have implants removed. This may be due to a new fitness regimen, a desire for a more natural body shape, or a shift in personal values. Remember, no matter your reason for considering breast implant removal, I am here to listen, to advise, and to support you in making the choice that feels right for you.

Benefits of Breast Implant Removal

The decision to remove breast implants marks the beginning of an empowering journey towards self-acceptance and renewed health. As we journey together, it’s critical to consider the potential benefits that this decision can offer. Understanding these benefits can provide clarity, peace of mind, and confidence as you navigate this path. Let’s explore together some of the key benefits of breast implant removal.

Improved Physical Comfort

One of the most immediate benefits you may experience after breast implant removal is improved physical comfort. If your implants have been causing discomfort or pain, removing them can provide significant relief. You may notice a reduction in back, neck, or shoulder pain, and feel a newfound freedom in your movement.

Elimination of Health Risks

Removing breast implants can eliminate potential health risks associated with them, especially if you have been experiencing symptoms of Breast Implant Illness (BII). After removal, many women have reported a decrease in BII symptoms, including fatigue, cognitive issues, joint and muscle pain, and others.

Enhanced Natural Aesthetics

Opting for breast implant removal can allow you to embrace your body's natural form. This decision can lead to a renewed sense of self-love and acceptance, enhancing your body confidence and allowing you to celebrate your natural beauty.

Adaptability to Lifestyle Changes

Breast implant removal can also make it easier for you to adapt to significant lifestyle changes. Whether you're initiating a new fitness regimen, wanting to wear different styles of clothing, or experiencing other shifts in your life, removal of your implants can provide the flexibility you need to fully embrace these changes.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Good Candidates for Breast Implant Removal

The decision to undergo breast implant removal is highly personal and depends on a variety of factors. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if:

  • You are physically healthy.
  • You have realistic expectations about the results.
  • You are experiencing pain or discomfort due to your breast implants.
  • You are concerned about the potential health risks associated with breast implants.
  • You desire a natural aesthetic and want to embrace your body’s natural shape and size.
  • Your lifestyle has changed significantly and the implants are no longer aligned with your lifestyle or personal values.


Who Might Not Be an Ideal Candidate?

While breast implant removal can be a transformative and empowering choice, it might not be right for everyone. You might not be an ideal candidate if:

  • You are currently pregnant or nursing.
  • You are not in good health or have a condition that could complicate surgery or recovery.
  • You have unrealistic expectations about what the procedure can achieve.

Precautions and Contraindications

Breast implant removal, like all surgical procedures, should be considered with a full understanding of any potential risks and contraindications. Here are some points of consideration:

  • Risks Associated with Surgery: These can include infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia. I take every precaution to minimize these risks, ensuring your safety is my primary concern.
  • Changes in Aesthetic Appearance: Post-surgery, the breasts will return to their natural shape and size. This could involve sagging or changes in skin elasticity.
  • Possible Need for Additional Procedures: In some cases, a breast lift may be recommended following implant removal, to maintain an aesthetically pleasing form.
  • Potential Emotional Impact: The change in body image post-surgery may have emotional implications. It’s important to set realistic expectations and be mentally prepared for the changes.

What to Expect From Your Procedure

Breast implant removal is a process that requires careful consideration and preparation. To help you understand what to expect, I will outline key aspects of the procedure, from your initial consultation to your recovery period. Keep in mind, every patient’s journey is unique and I’ll be there to guide you through each step, ensuring you feel prepared, comfortable, and confident throughout your experience.

Let’s delve into the specifics of the procedure itself.

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The Procedure: Step by Step

In understanding the breast implant removal process, it’s crucial to grasp the steps involved. Here’s a general overview of what you can expect:


Our journey starts with an in-depth consultation, during which I'll evaluate your health, discuss your motivations for removal, and answer any questions you might have. This is an opportunity for us to establish your goals and create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your needs and expectations.


Prior to the procedure, you'll need to follow certain guidelines to ensure your body is ready for surgery. This could involve adjusting your medication regimen, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and avoiding certain activities.

The Surgery

On the day of your procedure, you will be administered anesthesia to ensure your comfort. I will then make an incision, typically along the same lines as your original breast augmentation, to minimize additional scarring. The implants, and sometimes the capsule tissue, are carefully removed.

Closure and Bandaging

Once the implants are successfully removed, the incisions are closed with sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape. A bandage will be applied to aid healing and minimize swelling.


After the surgery, you will be monitored in a recovery area until you're ready to go home. I'll provide specific instructions to follow during your recovery period, including how to care for your breasts, medications to apply or take orally, and when to follow-up with me.

Post-Surgery Follow-Up

Your follow-up appointments are essential to monitor your healing progress. I will review your recovery, answer any questions, and guide you on the next steps in your journey to embracing your natural shape.

About Post-Treatment Care

Post-treatment care is a critical component of your journey, ensuring both a seamless recovery and optimal results. This phase is not to be overlooked as it directly impacts your healing and the final aesthetic outcome. I offer comprehensive guidance on how to navigate this period, making sure you feel supported every step of the way. Let’s delve into the essential components of your post-treatment care.

Healing and recovery after breast implant removal demand a meticulous approach to post-treatment care. Here’s what to expect and how to manage each phase of your post-treatment journey:

Immediate Post-Surgical Care

Immediately following your procedure, you may feel drowsy or slightly discomforted due to the effects of anesthesia. You’ll be monitored in a recovery area until you are ready for discharge. It’s crucial to have someone drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours post-surgery.

Wound Care

Proper care of the surgical site is essential to prevent infection and promote healing. You’ll be instructed on how to clean the area, change dressings, and apply any topical medications if necessary.

Follow-Up Visits

Regular check-ups are an integral part of your post-surgical journey. During these visits, I will assess your healing progress, address any concerns, and guide you on the next steps. It’s important to attend these appointments as scheduled.

Pain Management

You may experience some discomfort or pain in the days following surgery. I will prescribe medications to help manage any post-operative pain, and it’s important to take these as directed. Ice packs can also be beneficial in reducing swelling and discomfort.

Activity Restrictions

To avoid complications and ensure optimal healing, you’ll need to restrict certain activities initially. This includes vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, and anything that could potentially strain your chest area. Gradually, you’ll be able to reintroduce these activities into your routine as healing progresses.

Emotional Care

Adjusting to your new body image post-surgery may stir a range of emotions. It’s completely normal and important to acknowledge these feelings. If you feel the need, don’t hesitate to seek support from a counselor or a support group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
About Breast Implant Removal

What is the typical duration of a breast implant removal procedure?

A: The duration of the procedure varies, but on average, it takes about 1 to 3 hours.

A: Most breast implant removal procedures are outpatient surgeries, meaning you can go home the same day after recovery from anesthesia.

A: Depending on the nature of your work, you can usually return to work within a week or two. However, you should avoid strenuous activities for at least a few weeks post-surgery.

A: Yes, breast implant removal should not interfere with your ability to breastfeed in the future.

A: Depending on the size of the implants and the elasticity of your skin, you may experience some degree of sagging after removal. In some cases, a breast lift may be recommended to improve the breast contour.

A: There’s no specific age limit for breast implant removal. The procedure is based on individual needs and health conditions, not age.

A: While extremely rare, it is possible for a breast implant to rupture. If this happens, the implant needs to be removed as soon as possible.

A: Yes, it’s possible to perform what is called breast implant revision surgery, where old or damaged implants are replaced with new ones. This can be discussed during your consultation.

As with any surgical procedure, breast implant removal comes with potential side effects and risks. It’s important to be aware of these possibilities as you make your decision and prepare for your procedure. I believe in transparent communication and will discuss these potential risks with you in depth during your consultation, ensuring your understanding and comfort with the surgery. Now, let’s delve into some of the potential side effects and risks associated with breast implant removal.

Common Side Effects and Risks

  • Discomfort and Swelling: It’s normal to experience some discomfort and swelling immediately after the procedure. This usually subsides within a few weeks as your body heals.
  • Scarring: As with any surgical procedure, scarring is inevitable. However, I make every effort to minimize and strategically place incisions to reduce visible scarring.
  • Changes in Sensation: Some patients may experience changes in breast or nipple sensation, which typically improves over time.
  • Aesthetic Changes: The removal of implants significantly alters the shape and size of the breasts, and some patients may require an additional procedure, such as a breast lift, to achieve their desired look.
  • Serious Complications: While rare, more serious complications can occur, such as infection, bleeding, or adverse reactions to anesthesia. We’ll take every precaution to minimize these risks.
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Why Choose Dr. Chopra For Your Breast Implant Removal Procedure?

Dr. Chopra is a board-certified plastic surgeon trained at Johns Hopkins, offering patients a combination of expertise and patient-centered care. Unlike many practitioners who are not board-certified, Dr. Chopra has met rigorous criteria, including six years of surgical training, completion of an accredited plastic surgery program, thousands of performed surgeries, passing difficult exams, and commitment to continuing education.

His extensive experience allows him to handle all types of complications, from common to rare. The clinic provides seamless procedures, with every team member working harmoniously for a smooth, stress-free patient experience. They also specialize in rectifying mistakes made by other practitioners, whether minor adjustments or significant revisions.Choosing Dr. Chopra ensures clinical excellence and a genuine commitment to patient satisfaction, making patients feel confident about their choice from the moment they enter the clinic.

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