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There can be emotional sensitivity surrounding a double chin and excess fatty tissue around the neck area leading to a lower self-esteem. When diet and exercise fail, facial liposuction can be used to contour and sculpt the problem area. The removal of these fat cells create a slimmer neck and more defined jawline. Often done in conjunction with a facelift, facial and neck liposuction can create the transformative facial rejuvenation of your dreams.


  • Improve neck profile and reduce fullness
  • Tighten the appearance of saggy, loose neck skin

"Am I the right candidate?"

  • Fullness in the neck area but not a candidate for a facial plastic surgery procedure
  • Cost conscious, limited time to recover, emotional resistance to “a big procedure”
  • Older patient (forties to early sixties) and cannot undergo a facelift or neck lift
  • Double chin
  • Lack of neck definition



  • COSTS: The cost of this procedure may vary from patient to patient depending on various factors such as type of correction, surgical fees, and anesthesia fees. A detailed quote will be provided during your consultation.
  • Patient is awake during outpatient, in-office procedure. Local anesthetic like novocaine is used or patients can go under general anesthesia (twilight) if preferred
  • Various techniques may be deployed depending on each patient needs, but generally, a small instrument will be inserted through small incisions in the submental region to extract excess fatty deposits


  • Chin numbness
  • Weakness of the mandibular nerve
  • Contour irregularity


  • PERMANENCY: The outcome of this procedure is permanent.
  • Minimal visible scarring
  • Smooth and accelerated recovery period when compared to other facial surgery procedures
  • Patients can expect up to a week of bruising, one additional week of swelling and mild discomfort, which is well controlled by oral pain medications
  • A chin strap will be worn after surgery to provide compression of the treated area and facilitate the healing process
  • Keep head upright for a temporary period to prevent formation of a neck crease
  • Most patients can return to work and normal activities within one week
  • Exercise is allowed at two weeks


Dr. Chopra gives you the “Power to Re-Imagine Yourself” with the ENVISION Consultation. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Chopra will discuss long term goals, an artistic treatment strategy alongside risks, benefits, and costs.

  • Avoid certain medications including over the counter painkillers and other drugs that are known blood thinners. Blood thinners can lead to severe complications during surgery and recovery and are advised against during all surgeries
  • Patients who smoke should plan to quit for several months before and after. Smoke inhibits the bloods oxygen supply, which can also cause severe problems during surgery and cause the recovery period to be prolonged.