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Capsulectomy: A Revolutionary Technique in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has come a long way in recent years, with advancements in techniques and procedures that have revolutionized the field. One such technique is capsulectomy, which is performed by Dr. Karan Chopra, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon known for his expertise in plastic surgery of the face, breast, eyes, and body.

What is Capsulectomy?

Capsulectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the capsule that forms around breast implants. When a breast implant is placed in the body, the body’s natural response is to form a capsule of scar tissue around it. In some cases, this capsule can become thick and contract, causing discomfort, pain, and distortion of the breast shape. Capsulectomy is performed to remove this scar tissue and restore the natural shape and feel of the breast.

The Expertise of Dr. Karan Chopra

Dr. Karan Chopra is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who has received extensive training in the field. He completed his plastic surgery training at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital, which is recognized as the top overall hospital in the country for 21 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report. He also trained at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center at the University of Maryland Medical Center, where he focused on complex facial and orbital reconstruction after trauma.

In addition to his training, Dr. Chopra completed a dual aesthetic and oculoplastic cosmetic fellowship with Dr. Mark Codner, a world leader in plastic surgery. This fellowship further enhanced his skills and knowledge in the field, allowing him to offer his patients the most advanced and innovative techniques.

The Approach of Dr. Karan Chopra

Dr. Karan Chopra is known for his revolutionary techniques that yield natural-looking results unique to each patient. He is dedicated to safety, quality, research, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail in plastic surgery. His approach is centered around providing his patients with the best possible outcomes, ensuring their satisfaction and well-being.

Recognition and Unique Qualities

Dr. Karan Chopra’s expertise and dedication to his patients have earned him numerous accolades and recognition in the field of plastic surgery. He is the recipient of the Miller Coulson Academy Award for Clinical Excellence, a testament to his exceptional skills and commitment to providing the highest level of care.

With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Chopra has successfully treated over 500 patients, who have expressed their satisfaction through 300+ five-star reviews across platforms like Google, Facebook, RealSelf, and Healthgrades. His artistic hand, natural results, quick recovery techniques, sympathetic bedside manner, and a wonderful staff team have made him a trusted choice for those seeking plastic surgery.


Capsulectomy is a revolutionary technique in plastic surgery that can restore the natural shape and feel of the breast by removing the scar tissue capsule that forms around breast implants. Dr. Karan Chopra, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, is known for his expertise in this procedure and his dedication to providing his patients with the best possible outcomes.

If you are considering capsulectomy or any other plastic surgery procedure, contact Dr. Karan Chopra today to schedule a consultation. Visit here to get in touch with his offices in Miami & Minneapolis.

FAQs about Capsulectomy

What is a capsulectomy?

A capsulectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove the capsule that forms around breast implants. The capsule is the scar tissue that naturally forms around the implant as part of the body’s healing process.

Why is a capsulectomy performed?

A capsulectomy may be performed for various reasons, including:

– Correcting capsular contracture, which is the hardening and tightening of the scar tissue around the implant.
– Removing a ruptured or leaking implant.
– Treating implant-related complications or infections.
– Improving the appearance or feel of the breasts.

What is the recovery process like after a capsulectomy?

The recovery process after a capsulectomy may vary depending on the individual and the extent of the procedure. Generally, patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated area. Pain medication may be prescribed to manage any discomfort. It is important to follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions, including wearing a supportive bra and avoiding strenuous activities for a certain period of time. Full recovery may take several weeks.

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