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Cheek Reduction

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Cheek Reduction: Achieving Natural-Looking Results with Dr. Karan Chopra

When it comes to plastic surgery of the face, breast, eyes, and body, Dr. Karan Chopra is a renowned board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. With his extensive training and expertise, he has gained recognition for his revolutionary techniques that yield natural-looking results unique to each patient. One of the signature surgeries offered by Dr. Chopra is cheek reduction, a procedure that can enhance facial harmony and balance.

Understanding Cheek Reduction

Cheek reduction, also known as buccal fat pad removal, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the fullness of the cheeks. Some individuals may have naturally round or chubby cheeks, which can create an imbalance in facial proportions. Cheek reduction aims to create a more sculpted and defined facial contour by removing excess fat from the buccal fat pads.

The buccal fat pads are located in the lower part of the cheeks, beneath the cheekbones. These fat pads contribute to the roundness of the face, and their removal can result in a slimmer and more contoured appearance. Cheek reduction is a popular choice for individuals seeking a more defined facial structure.

The Procedure

During a cheek reduction procedure, Dr. Chopra will make small incisions inside the mouth, near the back of the cheeks. This approach ensures that there are no visible scars on the face. Through these incisions, he will carefully remove the excess fat from the buccal fat pads, sculpting the cheeks to achieve the desired contour.

The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia with sedation, ensuring the patient’s comfort throughout the surgery. The duration of the procedure varies depending on the individual’s specific needs, but it generally takes about one to two hours.

Recovery and Results

After the cheek reduction surgery, patients can expect some swelling and bruising, which is a normal part of the healing process. Dr. Chopra will provide detailed post-operative instructions to help minimize discomfort and promote a smooth recovery.

Most patients can resume their normal activities within a week, although strenuous exercise and activities should be avoided for a few weeks. It is important to follow all post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Chopra to ensure optimal healing and results.

The results of cheek reduction surgery are typically long-lasting, providing patients with a more sculpted and balanced facial appearance. Dr. Chopra’s artistic hand and meticulous attention to detail ensure that the outcome is natural-looking and tailored to each patient’s unique facial features.

Why Choose Dr. Karan Chopra?

Dr. Karan Chopra stands out as a leading plastic surgeon due to his exceptional qualifications and dedication to patient satisfaction. With over 10 years of experience and a track record of over 500 happy patients, he has earned a reputation for his expertise and natural results.

Dr. Chopra’s commitment to safety, quality, research, innovation, and attention to detail sets him apart in the field of plastic surgery. His training at prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of Maryland Medical Center has equipped him with the skills to handle complex facial and orbital reconstruction after trauma.

Patients appreciate Dr. Chopra’s sympathetic bedside manner and his ability to create a comfortable and supportive environment. His wonderful staff team ensures that each patient receives personalized care and attention throughout their surgical journey.

Contact Dr. Karan Chopra for a Consultation

If you are considering cheek reduction or any other plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Karan Chopra is ready to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. With offices in Miami and Minneapolis, he offers convenient locations for consultations and surgeries.

Take the first step towards enhancing your natural beauty by contacting Dr. Karan Chopra’s practice today. Visit here to schedule a consultation and discover the possibilities of achieving a more sculpted and balanced facial appearance.

FAQs about Cheek Reduction

What is cheek reduction?

Cheek reduction is a surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size or prominence of the cheeks. It involves removing excess fat or tissue from the cheeks to create a more balanced and proportionate facial appearance.

Am I a good candidate for cheek reduction?

Good candidates for cheek reduction are individuals who have prominent or overly full cheeks that they wish to reduce. It is important to have realistic expectations and be in good overall health before considering this procedure. Consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon is the best way to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

What is the recovery process like after cheek reduction?

The recovery process after cheek reduction can vary from person to person, but generally, patients can expect some swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated area. Pain medication may be prescribed to manage any discomfort. It is important to follow the post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon, which may include wearing a compression garment and avoiding strenuous activities for a certain period of time. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities within a week or two.

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