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How to Choose the Best
Breast Implant Size


Breast implants are great for improving your appearance and boosting your self-esteem. However, they do more harm than good if they don’t fit you. For instance, overly large implants stretch your breast tissue, leading to sagging and other issues such as neck, back and shoulders pain. Also, because they tend to droop due to gravity, you may need a breast lift. Before choosing the best breast implant size, there are several factors to consider. This article discusses these factors in detail.

Dr. Karan Chopra is a highly experienced plastic surgeon routinely performing breast implants surgery to help patients get the breasts of their dreams.

Who Can Get Breast Implants?

Different patients have different reasons to undergo the breast implants surgery. Here are some reasons why you might want to get breast implants:

Weight Loss

Losing weight can be beneficial for your health. However, you might lose the fullness in your breasts as well. You can get breast implants to restore the lost volume if you recently lost weight.


Aging results in volume loss and sagging in the breasts. The breast implant procedure can combat the effects of aging, giving you fuller breasts. Fortunately, there is no age limit to getting implants.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding change your body. And if you go through pregnancy multiple times, your breasts are more likely to droop. A breast implant procedure may be ideal for you to improve your breast appearance.


Losing one or both of your breasts to cancer can be life-changing. Dr. Chopra can insert breast implants to boost your confidence and appearance.

Breast Asymmetry:

Asymmetry is when the two breasts do not have the same size, volume, or position. A boob job can make your breasts look more even. Dr. Chopra can place implants of varying sizes in each breast to make them look more symmetrical

Does Everyone Qualify
For Breast Implants?

No. There are specific criteria to evaluate your candidacy for breast implants. First, you must have good physical and mental health. In addition, ensure you are getting the implants for yourself. You can only get satisfied with the results of your surgery if it is a personal decision.

Furthermore, having fully developed breasts and realistic expectations qualify you for breast implants.

What Is The Best Breast Implant Size?

There is no one-size breast implant that is perfect for every woman. The best implant size for you would fit your aesthetics and look proportional. Choosing an implant size that suits your body frame makes it difficult to spot that you had work done.

What Should You Consider Before Choosing Breast Implants?

Body Frame

Your anatomy plays a significant role in the choice of breast implants. For example, large implants look different on a tall person with broad shoulders compared to someone short and petite. Moreover, overly large implants may cause shoulder and back pain if they don’t fit, leading to the need for breast reduction.

If you are short and petite, breast implants with higher projection may suit you. And if you are tall with a broad chest anatomy, Dr. Karan Chopra may recommend getting wider implants.


Your implants must be proportional if your job entails running or intense physical activity. However, if you work at a desk, you may get larger implants compared to if you must be physically active often.


The body loses elasticity with age. So, if you are young, your body will quickly adjust to your new breast profile. However, if you are older, you may need an additional breast procedure, like a breast lift, to achieve your aesthetic goals and prevent complications.


Health is a significant criterion in qualifying for breast implants. If you are not in good general health, you may not even be a good candidate for breast implants in the first place. Infections, diseases, and other medical conditions may interfere with your surgery and healing.


Your aesthetic goals also determine the size of the implant you should choose. Whether you want perky boobs, an hourglass shape, or a minimal enhancement, your goals determine implant size. Nevertheless, before choosing the best breast implant size, Dr. Chopra will advise you on what is realistic.

What Other Factors Affect The Final Look Of Breast Implants?

Besides implant size, other factors affect the look of your implants. These factors include:

Implant Shape

The two predominant breast implant shapes are teardrop and round. However, these shapes have different profiles and don’t achieve the same results.

Round implants have a uniform circumference. Therefore, they give your breasts a round, even look. They also result in a fuller cleavage. Although they may not look as natural as teardrop implants, round implants have a lower revision rate and do not shift out of place.

Teardrop implants have a shape that mimics a teardrop – narrow at the top and broad at the bottom. This implant is suitable for you if you want more natural-looking breasts. However, teardrop implants do not provide as much cleavage as round implants

 Implant Material

Silicone and saline implants are the most popular breast implant material. However, your choice of implant material also affects the final look of your breasts post-surgery. Saline implants look firmer, while silicone implants are soft to the touch and more natural-looking.

Implant Placement

Dr. Chopra can place breast implants in different positions:

Subglandular Placement
This implant placement is also known as over-the-muscle implant placement. Subglandular placement prevents the implant from flattening and moving laterally anytime you flex the chest muscles. Furthermore, surgeons use this technique if you have enough breast tissue.

Submuscular Placement
Under-the-muscle implant placement results in a natural-looking breast contour. However, the implants may appear distorted when you flex the chest muscles. Furthermore, although rare, submuscular implants may become displaced with time. Therefore, this implant placement option may be the best for you if you do not have enough breast tissue.

Dual Plane Placement
Dual-plane implant placement offers the best of both worlds. This implant placement is an in-between placement where your surgeon places the upper part under your pectoralis muscles. The lower part of the implant is then placed under your mammary gland tissue.

Because the dual plane implant placement makes your breasts look natural, it is a more popular technique nowadays.

How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size?

Knowing how your implants will look on you is an excellent way of determining the best size.
You can try out different implant sizers to see how they look. Dr. Chopra will recommend trying out some breast sizers to see how they look in your outfit. The implant sizers are actual implants of varying sizes that you can put in your bra. However, you will need bras of different cup sizes to accommodate the sizers.
Computer imaging helps Dr. Karan Chopra take pictures of your breasts and gives you a visual representation of different implant sizes. In addition, this technology allows a simulation of implant sizes and projections to find one that most suits you.

Can You Use Your Bra Size To Determine Breast Implant Size?

No. Bra sizes are inconsistent across brands. Therefore, it is not a reliable measurement for breast implants. Moreover, implants are not measured in cup sizes but in volumes.

A breast implant is measured in cubic centimeters or ccs. The smallest breast implant size is 100ccs, and you can go as high as 800ccs. Nevertheless, before choosing one, your surgeon will recommend the one most suits you.

Can You Use Your Bra Size To Determine Breast Implant Size?

Besides building your self-esteem, the right breast implant size affects your appearance by

Giving You A Proportional Look

The best breast implant size may help you achieve the much-coveted hourglass shape. Breast implants give your upper body more volume, making it more proportional to your hips and improving your profile.

Improved Symmetry

Breast asymmetry occurs when the two breasts are not proportional. However, with varying breast implant sizes, your breasts can look more even and symmetrical.

Toned Tummy

Larger boobs and wider hips create a distinct contrast from your midsection, making you look stomach look slimmer

Are Large Implants the Best?

The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to improve your appearance and self-esteem. Unfortunately, using overly large implants deviates from this. The downsides of using large implants include the following:

Improper clothes fitting;
Stretching and damaging natural breast tissue over time;
Difficulty carrying out daily activities like running and walking;
A disproportionate and unnatural look.

Recovery After A Boob Job

After getting breast implants, following Dr. Chopra’s instructions is essential for a speedy recovery. Your surgeon will cover your breasts in gauze which will be removed after a few days. You may also need to wear a surgical bra to help you heal.

After your surgery, you should limit activity and avoid heavy lifting. Your surgeon will tell you to resume normal activity when you are ready.

You should also use prescribed medication to relieve pain and prevent infection. Furthermore, although you may experience swelling at the surgical site, it should wear off with time.

What Are The Risks Of Breast Implants?

Regardless of size, breast implant surgery pose the same risk. Some of these risks include breast pain, temporary changes in nipple sensation, and capsular contracture – a condition where scar tissue changes the breast implant shape.

FAQs about Best Breast Implant Size

At what age can you get breast implants?

The FDA recommends that the minimum age for saline implants is 18, while for silicone implants is 22 years old. By this time, the breasts are fully developed to accommodate the implants.

What is a popular Breast Implant Size?

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (ccs). The most popular implant size is between 350 and 400 ccs.

How big is a size C Breast Implant?

There is no accurate C-size cup as they vary across brands. Nevertheless, the popular size C cups are between 300 – 400ccs. A small C cup is usually between 300 – 325ccs, while a large C cup is generally between 375 – 400ccs.

Can you increase your breast implant size?

After an initial breast implant surgery, you have to heal and let the implants settle. However, after they settle, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can go for larger implants.

Why do breast implants look big at first?

After a boob job, swelling is expected. This swelling contributes to making the breasts look bigger. However, after a few months, the swelling subsides, and the implants settle.

Do you need to replace your breast implants?

Breast implants are prosthetics and have a lifespan, usually ten years on average. It is best to visit your surgeon every ten years for a replacement. Breast implants tend to rupture if you leave them for too long.

How soon can you start exercising after getting Breast Implants?

After your boob job, it is essential to rest and prevent strenuous activities. Your body needs to heal during this period. Consequently, it is not advisable to start exercising immediately post-surgery. Instead, you may take light walks for the first few days after your surgery. After about four weeks, you should be able to return to your regular exercise routine, but avoid heavy lifting. You can start lifting six to eight weeks post-surgery.

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