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Breast augmentation, or “boob job,” as patients commonly refer to it, refers to the use of breast implants or fat transfer to enhance the form and appearance of the breast. A breast augmentation procedure can also correct natural asymmetry in breast size, restore breast volume lost during pregnancy or after weight loss, and give the breast a rounded shape. The term “augmentation mammoplasty” is also used to describe breast augmentation. Breast augmentation with fat transfer occurs when fat is utilized from another area of the patient’s body to increase breast volume.
For many years, women have used breast augmentation procedures to physically improve their breasts. This procedure is most famous for greatly expanding cup size and making the breasts appear fuller. But not all women want to alter the size of their breasts drastically. Some women just want their breasts to appear subtly fuller, perkier, and more youthful. For these women, a mini boob job may be better than a conventional breast augmentation procedure.
In comparison to typical implant treatments, a mini boob job uses a smaller breast implant to improve the appearance of your breasts. This procedure is popular with competitive athletes and women with smaller frames. Women with little natural glandular breast tissue may also benefit from a mini boob job. For normal breast augmentation procedures, a minimum amount of glandular tissue must be present to prevent surgery failure due to rippling or stretching of the implants. Smaller implants are the best choice for breast augmentation in these cases.
Before you make the decision to get a mini boob job, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Karan Chopra to get the best advice on the exact breast augmentation procedure that will benefit you the most and meet your aesthetic expectations.


A mini boob job helps to give the breast a subtly fuller, perkier, and more youthful look. A mini boob job also improves the balance of breast and hip contours as well as the projection of the breasts.

  • A mini boob job subtly improves the shape and appearance of the breast: overly large implants that are frequently associated with breast augmentation surgery can appear out of proportion compared to the patient’s body size and shape. A mini boob job, on the other hand, utilizes smaller implants which makes it the best option for women who want slightly larger breasts without drawing unwanted attention to themselves.
  • A mini boob job is better suited to women with active lifestyles: women that lead active lifestyles are particularly fond of mini boob jobs. This is because having breasts that are noticeably larger can make it uncomfortable to engage in physical activity. Busy, energetic women find it way easier to manage smaller, perkier breasts.
  • Gives the breasts a natural-looking appearance: after a mini boob job, many women discover that the transformation in their look is so subtle that others may even fail to notice. This seemingly minor change can result in greater confidence and self-esteem in patients after a mini boob job.
  • Has a lower risk of complications: small incisions are made during a mini boob job, and this reduces the possibility of any complications during the procedure or post-surgery giving you a quicker recovery.
  • There is minimal scarring after a mini boob job: small incisions are made during a mini boob job which reduces the likelihood of scarring.

"Am I the right candidate?"

The best candidates for a mini boob job are women who are in good health. You may be considered for a mini boob job if you:

  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding and are in good physical health;
  • Have reasonable expectations for the procedure;
  • Have fully developed breasts;
  • Are dissatisfied with the loss of shape and volume in your breasts after weight loss, pregnancy, or with aging;
  • Are worried that your breasts are too small;
  • Have asymmetrical breasts;
  • Are bothered by the “empty” appearance of the upper pole of your breast;
  • Have breasts with an elongated shape or breasts that have failed to develop normally.


A mini boob job is basically a variant of the standard breast augmentation procedure. Traditional breast augmentation and a mini boob job use implants to improve your breasts’ size and shape. However, the difference between procedures is that the implants used for a mini boob job are smaller than those used for a conventional breast augmentation procedure. If you have a petite frame and want a minor increase in breast size, a mini boob job may be the best option to give you a subtle and natural-looking breast enlargement.
The mini boob job procedure is gaining increasing popularity among women. With a mini boob job, women can experience an improved fullness and projection of their breasts, improved balance of breast and hip contours, and an enhanced self-image. It is important to note that drooping breasts cannot be fixed with breast augmentation. In this situation, a breast lift may be necessary in addition to a breast augmentation to raise the breasts and improve their appearance. Breast lift is frequently performed at the same time with breast augmentation surgery, but there are cases where a separate operation may be required for a breast lifting procedure.
A mini boob job is performed in the same way as a conventional breast augmentation. Conventional breast augmentation with silicone implants, for instance, will require incisions for the implants to be placed. However, smaller incisions are made for a mini boob job because it uses smaller implants. If you select saline implants, they will be filled to the volume you want after they have been implanted.
Time A mini boob job is a relatively short procedure and it usually takes about 60-120 minutes depending on your plastic surgeon. General anesthesia may be used to put you to sleep and block off any pain.
Cost The cost of a mini neck lift may vary from patient to patient depending on various factors such as the type of correction, surgical fees, and anesthesia fees. A detailed quote will be provided during your consultation.


1. You will receive anesthesia during the procedure to keep you comfortable.

2. Your plastic surgeon will make incisions in discrete locations to reduce noticeable scarring. The best incision options as well as your desired outcomes will be discussed with your plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The type of breast implant to be used, the level of augmentation desired, your unique anatomy, and other factors are considered when choosing the type of incisions that will be made.

3. After the incision is done, the breast implant is placed into a pocket either directly behind the breast tissue and above the pectoral muscle (submammary/ subglandular placement) or beneath the pectoral muscle (submuscular placement).

4. Layered sutures are used to close the incisions in the breast tissue. Skin adhesives, sutures, or surgical tape are also used to close the skin. The lines of incision will become less visible with time. 


After your mini boob job procedure, your breasts will be covered with gauze dressings and a support bra or elastic bandage may be used to help reduce swelling and provide stability for the breasts as they heal. After your procedure, you will be moved to a recovery area for close observation. You will be allowed to go home once you are stable enough. 

Your plastic surgeon will give you detailed post-surgery instructions for your implant recovery before you leave. Your surgeon will also schedule a follow-up visit to monitor your recovery process. Medications may also be prescribed for you to take while at home. The drugs prescribed may be an antibiotic and painkillers to prevent infection and minimize pain. 

You should always wear your support garment (elastic band or bra) as directed by your surgeon. Your surgeon may either instruct you to keep a tape on the surgical site or encourage you to clean the incision site and apply ointment. The instruction you may receive after your mini boob job can differ, so it is crucial to carefully adhere to all of your plastic surgeon’s instructions. 

You should take it easy it easy for a few days after your procedure until you are given the go-ahead to raise your activity level. This is because it is possible to bleed into the pockets around your breast implants during this time. Acute discomfort after a mini boob job usually goes away in one to five days, although soreness and swelling may last for a few weeks. You can continue exercising and engaging in regular activities according to your plastic surgeon’s instructions.


Generally speaking, women will usually choose implants between 200cc and 500cc. Any breast augmentation that uses a breast implant of 250cc and below is regarded as a mini boob job because it usually results to breast size increasing by about one cup or less.

For two to three weeks after the mini boob job procedure, you may have pain and significant swelling. Your breast region may also feel as though it’s being pulled or stretched. Your plastic surgeon will usually prescribe pain medication to help minimize any discomfort you may feel after your mini boob job procedure.


The minimum size of breast implants available is 125cc. This small implant is excellent for correcting breast asymmetry. There is a wide range of breast implant sizes, however with the size of implants going all the way to 1200cc. However, the majority of women often go for implants between 150cc and 650cc.

The typical lifespan of modern implants is over ten years, with an 1% annual increase in the risk of rupture. This means that the risk of rupture or other issues increases as your implants get older. In the majority of cases, breast implants can remain in good condition for 20 years or longer.

It is no cause for worry if the faint shape of your implants can be felt through your skin. When the muscle isn’t concealing the implants at the base of the breast, patients may feel the implants through their skin especially at the base.