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A focal part of our face, lips are important to our communication and how we’re perceived. One of the most sensual and delicate facial features, their size and appearance can greatly impact self confidence. The current social media age catapulted many candidates’ desires for plump, youthful looking lips, driving a surge in lip procedures. Some patients have a longer upper lip — the ideal space between the nose and lip line is 15mm and when this area is lifted, the space is shortened, creating a well-balanced aesthetic appearance. Some candidates have more of a “permanent frown,” which can be addressed by a corner lip lift that addresses the upper outer edges. An uncomplicated procedure, there are nuances that only experienced surgeons prioritize and appreciate. The result is a subtle, more defined appearance.


  • Improves lost lip volume, giving a lighter more defined appearance with greater volume
  • Shortens the perceived length of the lower midface
  • Enhance cupid’s bow or focus on the center portion of the upper lip

"Am I the right candidate?"

  • Can’t see top teeth while talking, which can be a result of genetics or the natural aging process
  • Considering dermal fillers and the space between the nose and lip line is larger than 15mm
  • Perpetual frown? Turn it upside down with an enhanced cupid’s bow
  • Lipstick bleed lines and wrinkles
  • Prior experience with “duck lips” after filler



  • TIME: The procedure takes one to two hours to complete
  • COSTS: The cost of this procedure may vary from patient to patient depending on various factors such as type of correction, surgical fees, and anesthesia fees. A detailed quote will be provided during your consultation.
  • No pain, numbed prior to procedure
  • The patient is awake during the outpatient, in-office procedure. Local anesthetic like novocaine is used or patients can go under general anesthesia (twilight) if preferred
  • Incisions are hidden under the base of the nose in a natural crease


  • The lip area is prone to swelling and possibe bruising


  • PERMANENCY: Long-lasting
  • No visible scarring
  • Fast-healing
  • Use ice packs and pain relievers for the first few days to maintain comfort level during the early part of recovery
  • Keep head elevated when sleeping at night to minimize swelling
  • A few follow-up appts are needed: sutures will be removed and replaced with tape; tape will be replaced with silicone scar gel that should be applied twice daily for 3 months


Dr. Chopra gives you the “Power to Re-Imagine Yourself” with the ENVISION Consultation. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Chopra will discuss long term goals, an artistic treatment strategy alongside risks, benefits, and costs.

  • Avoid certain medications including over the counter painkillers and other drugs that are known blood thinners. Blood thinners can lead to severe complications during surgery and recovery and are advised against during all surgeries
  • Patients who smoke should plan to quit for several months before and after. Smoke inhibits the bloods oxygen supply, which can also cause severe problems during surgery and cause the recovery period to be prolonged.