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Depending on the application, a skilled surgeon can use fat transfer for face and breast procedures. In facial procedures, a fat transfer can be used to highlight specific features, such as lips or cheeks; or utilized as an overall strategy for Facial Rejuvenation.


  • Superior results in their skin quality and texture that cannot be achieved through synthetic injectables
  • Using a patient’s own body fat, yields a natural-filler that is rich in adipose-derived stem cells

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  • Due to the unavoidable consequences of aging, fat loss leaves the face with a hollowed, sunken appearance
  • Fat grafting provides patients with a more permanent and natural look that restores their own youthful appearance
  • Post procedure, patients look revitalized; women appear soft, healthy, sensual and men regain their suave contours



  • COSTS: The cost of this procedure may vary from patient to patient depending on various factors such as type of correction, surgical fees, and anesthesia fees. A detailed quote will be provided during your consultation.
  • The procedure begins with harvesting fat from a donor area, it is then purified and processed into “nanofat.” This outpatient procedure occurs immediately before the nanofat is injected and is used to contour the target areas. Using a patient’s own fat sidesteps potential allergic reactions and allows for two areas of the body to be treated at one time. Patient discomfort is minimized through anesthetic sedation or with local anesthesia.
  • Fat grafting requires insightful strategy to address overall enhancement. Very tiny incisions are made in the targeted areas and injections are made at separate sites.
  • Then, a micro amount of fat is administered using numerous (20 – 40) back-and-forth movements until the entire 1-cc syringe of processed fat is criss-crossed, feathered and placed accordingly for a seamless result. The areas that are usually sculpted are the temples, forehead, brow, glabella, radix, upper and lower eyelids, cheeks, mid-face, buccal recess, lips, peri-oral, nasolabial crease, geniomandibular groove, and jawline. Detailed placement is critical, as it provides each molecule of fat a chance to fuse with living tissue, giving it the best chance to survive.


  • While fat grafting is a more permanent solution, the harvested fat is autologous and there is a chance that 30-50% of the fat can be absorbed within the first six months. Patients may seek a touch-up after their procedure is performed.
  • Typically no scarring
  • Depending on the overall procedure, patients should rest but may be able to perform light activity within two days and return to work within the week
  • Swelling and discomfort is expected over the first few days and is managed with medication
  • Strenuous activity and exercise can resume after two weeks
  • Dr. Chopra will request follow-up visits at key milestones to monitor healing progress


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  • Avoid certain medications including over the counter painkillers and other drugs that are known blood thinners. Blood thinners can lead to severe complications during surgery and recovery and are advised against during all surgeries
  • Patients who smoke should plan to quit for several months before and after. Smoke inhibits the bloods oxygen supply, which can also cause severe problems during surgery and cause the recovery period to be prolonged.