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How Is a Brazilian
Butt Lift Performed?


The Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is a popular body contouring procedure designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. The surgery involves transferring fat from other parts of the body, such as the abdomen and thighs, to the buttocks. It provides a natural-looking increase in size that looks more proportionate to the overall frame rather than surgically altering the shape with implants
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Outline of the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

  • The Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that helps to increase the size and shape of the buttocks;
  • It is usually done by injecting fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks;
  • The procedure can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference;
  • Recovery time is typically one to two weeks, during which patients must avoid sitting or lying down for long periods of time;
  • Results are usually visible after about six weeks, and most patients see a significant improvement in the appearance of their buttocks.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a body contouring procedure designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. This popular procedure has many benefits that make it attractive to many people looking for improvements in their physical appearance.

The first benefit is an improvement in overall proportions — a BBL can be used to help create balance between larger hips or buttocks and upper body areas, providing a natural, curvy look. Another benefit is the ability to target specific areas with fat transfer allowing for customization of results according to individual goals.

A BBL also offers long-lasting results that are not achievable through other options. Since fat cells are transferred from other areas of the body, they can last up to five years or longer depending on how well you take care of yourself after surgery.

Finally, there’s minimal scarring with a BBL which helps maintain natural aesthetics post-procedure as opposed to implant surgery which typically leaves noticeable scars during recovery. The relatively short downtime required (about three weeks) and low risk makes it ideal for those who want subtle changes but do not wish to undergo more major operations under general anesthesia or prolonged healing times.

Brazilian Butt Lift –
the Surgical Approach

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular cosmetic procedure that many people are interested in. The procedure involves taking fat from other areas of the body and injecting it into the buttocks to create a fuller, more shapely look. There are many benefits to this type of surgery, but it’s important to understand how the procedure is performed before you make any decisions. Here’s everything you need to know about the Brazilian butt lift.

Step 1 – Liposuction

The process begins with liposuction being performed on certain areas of the patient’s body where there is an excess of adipose tissue. This can involve both manual (manual liposuction) and mechanical (power assisted) techniques. Your surgeon will carefully choose which areas of fat removal make sense for each individual case. In some cases, the fat will be extracted from just one donor area – such as the tummy or the thighs. In other cases, multiple areas will be treated with liposuction to collect the necessary amount of fat to perform the fat transfer to the buttock.

Step 2 – Purification of fat

After removing fat via liposuction, it is then carefully processed. Purifying fat is an essential step in fat transfer to the buttocks. Your surgeon may use several methods to purify the fat, such as centrifugation or filtration. These processes make sure that contaminants are not present in the fat, which can lead to complications down the line. It also ensures that less volume is lost due to fluid remnants and debris being separated out. This purification process helps create an optimum outcome for a successful fat transfer procedure

Step 3 – Injecting Fat into the Buttocks

Once the fat is purified, your plastic surgeon will use it to inject it into the buttocks. The fat is injected in small amounts in different subcutaneous layers of tissue in the desired area by using a syringe with a hollow needle. An experienced plastic surgeon has complete control over where to direct the injected fat for optimal results. A series of injections gives patients a voluptuous and natural looking buttock augmentation. After the injection, compression garments are used to ensure that all of the transferred fat does not move from its site before major blood vessels can grow into it.

How to Ensure You Get the Best Results after a BBL

When the procedure is performed by a talented plastic surgeon and the patient is committed to following the indications, about 60% to 70% of injected fat remains in place 6-month post procedure result. However, patients should be aware that some of the fat injected during the procedure will be reabsorbed by the body in the first months after the intervention.

One of the most important factors in getting the best results after Brazilian butt lift surgery is following all pre and post-operative instructions given to you by your surgeon. Prior to surgery, it is essential that you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle habits so that your body can heal properly after the procedure. Additionally, if you are a smoker, it is imperative that you stop smoking at least four weeks before and four weeks after your Brazilian butt lift procedure.

After your Brazilian butt lift procedure, there are also certain guidelines that need to be followed in order to get optimal results. It is important to wear compression garments for at least two weeks after surgery. This helps minimize swelling and support the newly contoured area while it heals. During this time, it is also important to limit strenuous activities such as exercise and lifting objects that are too heavy. Additionally, you should avoid sitting directly on your buttocks during this recovery period in order to prevent any damage or disruption of the fat cells.

Finally, proper follow-up care with your surgeon is essential for achieving the best results after Brazilian butt lift surgery. During these visits, your surgeon will be able assess how well you are healing and provide any additional instructions as needed. Following all of these steps will help ensure that you get the desired results from your Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Post-Operative Care Instructions for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

It is important to take proper care of yourself following Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in order to ensure a full and successful recovery process. The following is a list of post-operative instructions to follow:


  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding taking any medications, drinking alcohol, smoking and physical activity;
  • Maintain good hygiene by washing the surgical site with antibacterial soap and water twice daily;
  • Wear an abdominal or buttock support garment as instructed by your surgeon to help reduce swelling and improve healing results;
  • Get plenty of rest and try to keep stress levels low during the recovery period. Avoid lifting, bending or twisting for at least four weeks after the procedure;
  • Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for up to four weeks after surgery as this can cause pressure damage that may affect your results negatively, instead sit on a cushion when possible or lay down with your back supported on pillows when you need to rest or sleep;
  • Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated while avoiding strenuous activities such as returning to work too soon or over-exerting yourself physically in any way during the healing process – wait until you have been given clearance from your doctor before resuming regular activities again;
  • Aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medications should also be avoided during this time as they increase bleeding risk during the procedure itself and afterwards.

Choosing a Surgeon for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

It is essential to choose the right surgeon if you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure. The right surgeon will be experienced in performing BBL procedures, understand your specific goals, and have excellent results to show you. Here are some tips to help you find the best surgeon:

1. Ask your friends and family for recommendations 

Here’s no better way than hearing first-hand experiences from people you trust!

2. Do your research

Look online for reviews, do a background check and read up on the surgeon’s surgical qualifications and experience with BBL procedures if available. Make sure they have board certification and genuine reviews from satisfied patients.

3. Schedule a consultation

Meet the surgeon in person or via telemedicine, explain what look you want to achieve with the procedure, ask for photos of their work & view 3D simulations demonstrating potential outcomes sets criteria expectations before surgery day arrives!

4. Check out their safety record 

Ask about safety protocols before entering into an agreement with any provider to ensure that all necessary steps will be taken to reduce health risks associated with BBL surgery as much as possible by following established quality standards on routine basis too!

FAQs about Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, is a procedure that utilizes liposuction to shape and contour the waist, hips, and thighs while transferring fat from areas where it’s unwanted to the buttocks area. It is an outpatient procedure that can help give patients with smaller buttocks more volume and perkiness in the area.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

When considering BBL, it is important to ensure you are a good candidate for the surgery. Generally, ideal BBL patients have excess fat deposits in certain areas of their bodies that they would like removed and transferred to their buttocks area. It is also important to make sure that your body mass index (BMI) is lower than 30, as BBL is not intended for large weight loss. BBL is best suited to those within a healthy BMI range and looking for more shapely curves in the buttocks area..

What is the recovery process like after a Brazilian butt lift?

The recovery process after BBL can vary depending on the individual’s healing abilities, but patients will typically experience swelling, bruising, and soreness in the treatment areas. This discomfort can usually be managed with medication prescribed by your surgeon. It is also important to follow the post-operative instructions given by your surgeon, in order to ensure proper healing. Patients are advised to avoid sitting and laying on the back for several weeks after a BBL procedure. This could be challenging, so it is recommended to discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation.

Are there any risks associated with a Brazilian butt lift?

As with any surgical procedure, BBL does come with some risks. These risks include infections, reactions to anesthesia, and irregularities in contour or shape of the treated area. It is important to discuss any potential risks with your surgeon before undergoing BBL, as well as all of your expectations for the procedure. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon and following his indications to the letter can help you achieve better results after a BBL surgery.

How long do results from a Brazilian butt lift last?

Results from BBL can vary depending on individual factors such as age, lifestyle habits, and genetics; however, BBL results generally last for many years after the procedure. To maintain BBL results, it is important to practice healthy eating and regular exercise habits to ensure your body stays in the same shape. Overall, BBL can be an excellent way to achieve a more contoured and voluminous buttock area without the need for implants or other synthetic means. It is important to discuss BBL with a professional and ensure you are an ideal candidate for the procedure before undergoing BBL surgery.

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