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Is Hairline Advancement with
forehead reduction the Answer?


Hairline lowering, or forehead reduction, is a cosmetic surgery with great potential for enhancing facial proportions and self-confidence in those born with prominent foreheads,  sometimes referred to as a “fivehead”.  Our special techniques for hairline lowering in Miami produce minimal scarring and natural results. In this article, we’ll cover the basics you need to know about this procedure, who is a good candidate, and some details regarding how I work with my patients.Minnesota Plastic Surgeon Dr. Karan Chopra can help reshape and slim your face by performing buccal fat pad reduction surgery. Read more about this technique below.

Is forehead reduction even a thing?

The first thing you need to know about forehead reduction or hairline advancement is that it is a purely cosmetic procedure: there is no structural change in the shape of the head. 

“Forehead reduction” might sound like we are cutting through the bone, but that idea is far from the truth. In reality, by removing a fraction of the skin and lowering the hairline, we create a thatforehead is shorter and more balanced. 

Why would anyone want to do that? Well, because, on average, most people’s faces follow certain proportions, and when that pattern is broken, it can be visually bothersome. This is a phenomenon we understand thanks to Leonardo Davinci.  

During the 1480s, Davinci became obsessed with studying the human body and how it is built. In the process, he realized the human head is divided into three parts of equal size: one that goes from the base of the chin to the base of the nose, one that goes from the base of the nose to the brow, and the third one that starts in the brow and finishes in the hairline. 

This may sound overly simple, but his XV-century studies are fundamental to plastic and reconstructive surgery. 

Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) The Proportions of The Head, And A Standing Nude C.1490 (Fragment)

So, basically, what happens when someone’s hairline starts too far from the brow is that this pattern is broken. By bringing the hairline lower, we create the appearance of a smaller forehead, enhancing the face proportions and clearing optimizing patient’s beauty. 

How it works

The basic mechanics of how forehead reduction surgery works are quite simple:  

  1.   During a consultation, my patients and I discuss their objectives, and I assess which is the best alternative for them, considering their goals and conditions (I’ll explain later in this article who is a good candidate for this type of surgery.) Additionally, we consider if the only intervention the patient needs is a forehead reduction, as, for some specific cases, it can be paired with a brow lift. Sometimes, I take a strand of their hair and place it on their forehead to give the patient an idea of the final look. Something as simple as the contrast between the hair and the skin does make a difference! 
  1.     On the day of the surgery, I draw the new hairline design on the patient’s skin to mark how far I’ll move the scalp to bring the hairline forward. Careful measurements are made to ensure balance and harmony. 
  1.     The surgery involves removing the extra skin between where the hairline is and where we want it to be. Next, I use the scalp’s inherent elasticity to bring it forward and secure it in its new place to the bone, using specialized bioabsorbable anchors that the body will absorb after a few months. In this type of surgery, the risk of scarring is minimal as the sutures are concealed by the hairline, which also helps to create a natural look.    
  1.     The patient will return home the same day of the procedure and will be able to resume activities within a week or two. The time to complete healing may vary from one patient to another, but I will provide personalized care and advice every step of the way. 


FAQ about Chubby Cheeks and
Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery

The best candidate for a hairline advancement surgery or forehead reduction is someone who:

 Has good scalp elasticity. This is a decisive factor as it determines how far I will be able to bring the hairline forward. Depending on the patient’s expectations may determine whether hairline advancement is the correct procedure or if they should consider other alternatives.

Has realistic expectations. While forehead reduction can dramatically enhance your facial balance and potentially boost your self-confidence, it won’t necessarily change your life or how others perceive you, so having realistic expectations is crucial for you to be satisfied with your surgery results

Has a solid hair pattern. Patients with actively thinning or receding hair may not be good candidates for this procedure, as the incision line could become noticeable. However, we’ll discuss potential alternatives and options during our consultation if this is your case.

Has good overall health. As with any other surgical procedure, being healthy and following a healthy lifestyle free of excessive alcohol consumption or tobacco can impact your eligibility and results.  

As you can see, forehead reduction surgery is a fascinating procedure with great potential for positively impacting your self-confidence by giving you a harmonious appearance. If you are interested or have any doubts, please reach out. My team and I will be thrilled to listen to your questions and guide you along the way.

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