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What Makes a Face
Look Beautiful?


When we gaze at someone with a lovely face, our brains are pleased. But what features of an attractive face are there to mention? What really makes a beautiful face?

When combined, several facial aesthetic traits can create a beautiful face. People frequently notice and find attractive people with big, attentive eyes, a small, proportionate nose, perky cheekbones, a well-defined jawline, or full lips.

Many people are unhappy with the way their features look and frequently seek for techniques to look more attractive, younger, and healthier. You can get the face you want with the help of cosmetic plastic surgery, injectables, and makeup.

Dr. Karan Chopra has a lot of experience helping patients achieve the beautiful faces they desire. He offers his patients the full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical facial cosmetic procedures that can give them the pretty face they’ve always wanted.

A Beautiful Face Is All about Symmetry and Proportion

A beautiful face often has wide eyes, broad cheeks, and a refined nose. But facial beauty is more than the combination of these features. Your entire set of face features should work together. How well shaped your cheekbones, jaw, nose, lips, and eyes are in relation to one another. It’s all about symmetry and proportion.

This facial attractiveness ratio is sometimes referred to as the “golden ratio” by plastic surgeons. The term “golden ratio” is merely a metaphor, of course. This ideal facial proportion can be modified by a skilled facial plastic surgeon to suit the demands of certain patients.

Dr Chopra can reshape and change various facial features to offer you the most aesthetically pleasing face possible. As a result, you can get a natural-looking, beautiful face with facial features that are harmonious and proportionate.

Top Facial Features That Make a Beautiful Face

When you first look at a person’s face you might find it very attractive without knowing what it is exactly about it that’s so appealing. There’s something about their face that looks beautiful and entrancing.

At a closer look, you’ll notice there are specific facial features that makes the face look beautiful.

A Wrinkle-free forehead

One of the elements that gives the face a nice appearance is a forehead free of wrinkles. Your face appears serene and peaceful when your forehead is smooth, which most people find alluring.

You might store a lot of your tension and concern on your forehead, which manifests as wrinkles in the area. Even if you’re not stressed out or leading an unhealthy lifestyle, a wrinkled forehead gives the impression that you do. Your face may appear worn out, irate, or less attractive as a result.

Additionally, your forehead displays a lot of your facial expressions, such as surprise, concern, and shock. When you make a facial emotion, forehead wrinkles deepen even more, which might make your expressions appear forced and artificial.

Dr. Chopra provides patients with both surgical and non-surgical options to achieve a smoother, younger-looking forehead, including:

Facial Injectables:

these may be injectable volumizing agents that smooth out wrinkles or areas of fat loss. Fillers can also be used to give the appearance of perky cheekbones. The injectables most frequently used to treat forehead wrinkles are Botox and Jeuveau. They eliminate the small creases between your brows and softens the worry lines on your forehead. However, the effects of Botox are only transient;

Upper facelift(brow lift):

this cosmetic procedure is performed to delay the onset of forehead wrinkles. A forehead lift flattens the forehead’s wrinkly skin, tightens the forehead, and eliminates forehead skin folds.

Symmetric and alert eyes

People may focus on your eyes when they first see your face. An attractive face often has eyes that are symmetrical and alert.

Additionally, maintaining eye contact is crucial to keeping someone’s attention when speaking or presenting. Your entire face appears more charismatic when you have attentive, wide-open eyes because they make you appear more engaged and vivacious.

Your eyebrows and eyelids begin to droop as you get older, which makes your face appear less attractive because:

  • Droopy eyelids and puffy eyes can make you appear weary and sleepy and can cause your eyes to appear uneven. Your face might look more worn out and less attractive;
  • Saggy eyelids can also impair your vision, causing you to squint in order to see better. Your eyes appear smaller and the creases surrounding them get worse as a result.

Because of this, blepharoplasty, or surgery on the eyelids, is very common. A blepharoplasty can give you wider, larger, and brighter eyes by removing extra skin, muscle, and fat in the area surrounding your eyes. Your face might look more youthful, relaxed, and vibrant.

The lower eyelids can also give the appearance of fatigue or dark circles. Dr. Chopra performs a scarless lower eyelid blepharoplasty to reduce the puffiness in the lower eyelids to give a more restful and refreshed appearance.

Perky cheeks

A vital aspect of a beautiful face is having perky cheeks since they give the face a vibrant and spirited appearance.

Your face’s appearance to others greatly depends on your cheeks. People who have large, rounded cheeks appear nicer, happier, and more attractive.

Your facial skin becomes less elastic as you age, which causes it to sag and wrinkle. Your cheeks are one area where facial ageing can be particularly noticeable. Your face can look older and more weary than it really is if your cheeks are saggy and droopy.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to revive your appearance and make the cheeks perkier once more:

Lifting the cheeks into a perkier position is known as a midface lift. Other options to rejuvenate the area are:

Cheek implants: to give the cheeks greater volume, implants are inserted inside the cheeks;
Facial fat grafting: cheek fat is injected after being removed from other parts of the body;
Facial Fillers: fillers can be injected to shape and swell up the cheeks if you wish to avoid surgery. However, dermal fillers don’t last forever, so you’ll probably need to get more shots every few months.

On the other hand, if your cheeks are too chubby, your face may look fat. By removing some of the cheek fat during buccal fat pad removal surgery, your face will look thinner and more attractive.

Excellent Jawline

Your entire face is defined and shaped by your jaw. One of the most desired characteristics of facial beauty is a well-defined jawline, which gives your face a strong and prominent appearance.

The elegant angle formed between the neck and chin can be lost due to sagging jaw skin and jowls, making the face appear weak and aged.

The jaw shouldn’t be excessively large or small. A face that has a wide jaw may appear overly large or rounded. While a narrow jaw might give the appearance of a face that is overly tiny or thin.

Lower facelift surgery, which highlights the jawline and enhances its contour, allows Dr. Chopra to recontour the jawbones and give the face a stronger outline;
Neck lift surgery: defines and tones the neck’s contour. This can make the neck and face look youthful again;
Orthognathic surgery, also known as jaw reshaping surgery, involves shaving the jaw bone to define the jawline or lessen the size of the jaw.

The jawbones are outlined, contoured, and tightened during a lower facelift and neck lift, which gives them a firmer appearance.

Sleek Chin

The chin adds some finishing touches to the shape of your lovely face. Your face can look beautiful if you have a polished chin. Because of this, it is regarded as a crucial component of a beautiful and harmonious face.

The natural contour of the face is disrupted and the artistic harmony is destroyed by a weak receding chin that projects backward toward the neck. The face appears overly long and narrow from the bottom up if the chin is too pointed. Additionally, a too-round chin makes your face appear excessively small and wide from the bottom up.

Cleft chins may or may not be a sign of a beautiful face, depending on your criteria of beauty. In either case, a chin dimple that is overly deep in the midline may give the appearance that the chin is split in half. Your facial proportions may be thrown off by this, particularly in the lower third.

Dr. Chopra developed many chin augmentation techniques over the years to alter the chin while keeping an entirely natural appearance. A chin operation, often referred to as a genioplasty or mentoplasty, is performed to:

Increase the size of the chin using chin implants;
Reshape the chin to make it more proportionate to the rest of the face.

To add, take away, or minimize a chin dimple, Dr. Chopra also does cleft chin surgery.

Voluptuous lips

Particularly while you’re talking, your face draws a lot of attention to your lips. Your appearance can look youthful, healthy, and full of life if you have large, plump lips. Because of this, large, voluptuous lips are regarded as one of the top facial features.

With time or as a result of smoking and other behaviors, the lips begin to gradually lose some of their volume. Lips that are too thin and flat can change the balance of your face and make you appear older than you are.

When you smile, the upper lip may entirely disappear if it is very thin. When you laugh, your gums might be noticeable. Furthermore, lips that are overly narrow or tiny might draw attention to a protruding chin or make the nose appear larger than it is.

In order to enhance your smile and restore the volume of your lips, Dr Chopra provides a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Lip fillers are injections of volumizing agents (such hyaluronic acid) that give the lips additional volume;

The lip flip technique is a non-surgical procedure to accentuate the upper lip. It entails administering Botox to the mouth area, causing the upper lip to flap outward and cover the upper gum;

Lip lift surgery: this operation shortens the space between the top of the lip and the nose. The lip seems bigger and more prominent as a result.

Firm Neck Line

Dr. Chopra performs a deep neck lift which addresses the deeper structures in the neck to provide tightening and lightening of the tissues in the area. In younger patients this can be performed through just a small incision under the chin because they do not require a facelift at the same time.

In older patients who also require a facelift this can be coupled with the facelift to provide a full facial rejuvenation.

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